Admission Open for Session 2018-19 Day Boarding Pre - Nursery to Class XII (Arts, Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce)                  On The Occasion of 10 Years of Excellence Get 50% Discount on Admission Fee For Gril Child, 1st to 3rd Position Holders Any Class of Any School and Class 11th

You may have faced several problems while in boarding school. These problems can be solved easily by following certain methods. You are not the only one facing this problem, so don’t be afraid and follow these helpful suggestions. Here are some of the common problem and their respective solutions. You will find these solutions, much beneficial.

Lack of Sleep: Try power napping for at least 30 minutes, whenever you can. And also take proper sleep on weekends and holidays.

Stain on your clothing: In order to get rid of stains, keep stain wipes or laundry pre-spray in your room to treat the stain before it sets in. Then wash it to completely remove the stain.

Stomach ache: To deal with this problem Keep a small “first aid” kit with saltine crackers, a few cans or small bottles of ginger ale, and antacid tablets. Try to get rid of it before the situation gets worse.

Hunger after long hours: Store non-perishable snacks in your room in an air tight container or zip lock bag. You can also store Potato chips, corn flakes, Oat meals, cup noodles, Chocolates for the urgent time.

Overslept and missed class: This is one of the most common problems faced by the boarding school students. Make an apology from the teachers. Talk to the teacher and classmates about what you missed in class and try to make up that work in time.

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